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Masterclass: Beauty Gimmicks and Gadgets and What To Do Instead - A Masterclass by Rachel Varga


 In today's Masterclass, I answer your questions, and share key insights into beauty trends, beauty gimmicks, and what to do instead! We cover topics like at-home microcurrent, red light face masks, lower eye patches, wrinkle patches, and much more!

Products mentioned in today's Masterclass:

Organifi products are one of my top skin nutrient picks for superfoods and adaptogens. Save 20% on your next order at https://organifi.com/varga and use code VARGA and save!

Always Radiant Skin Magnaflow for soft tissue repair and of course there is research on sleep: https://alwaysradiantskinshop.com/products/magnaflow-magnesium-bisglycinate

Check out the Hydration Kit with eye patches that I reference in today's Masterclass here: https://alwaysradiantskinshop.com/products/at-home-hydration-kit-with-brightening-toner-hydrating-mask-rescue-eye-pads-and-cosmetic-bag

Here is a quick list of my top dermal rolling product picks including the DF mobile and appropriate serums for use: https://alwaysradiantskinshop.com/collections/dermarolling-starter-kit

Biohacking tools referenced like the Higherdose PEMF mat, red light (not LED), saunas, and other tools can be found here: https://www.theschoolofradiance.com/biohacking

Note: I am a stickler for FRESH products so if something is out of stock, don't worry, fresh products are coming soon so check back on the skinshop or send me an email info@theschoolofradiance.com.

Have a question? Send me an email at info@theschoolofradiance.com