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MR5 .5mm Dermal Roller


The real MTS Dermal roller is .5 mm and is for once-a-week deeper acne scarring or wrinkles.

The .5 mm is ideal for wrinkles and scars. Should only be used once a week on area of concern in conjunction with the .3 mm roller(2-5 times a week). Results with dermal rolling aren't from going deeper, but rather being consistent with causing the microinjuries.

Always roll first, then apply our products. Each roller includes a safety case and a serial number. Arrives in a sterile pack.

Surgical stainless steel needles. Last about 6-8 months (face) with frequent rolling. After about a year it will go dull like a razor, so replace it. Do not drop.

‚ÄčMade in USA.

Purchase your dermal roller, and serums and learn a quick reference for the order of operations here!

Be sure to review my dermal rolling Masterclasses here which includes a deep dive into dermal rolling and collagen promotion! You are invited to book a one-on-one for customized guidance, and for all of my tutorials join my seasonal skincare tutorial program at TheSchoolofRadiance.com!

Here are a few dermal rolling tips to get you started!

  1. Stabilize the skin for 2 weeks with your 5 basics to stabilize your skin (Shop my skin care essentials here!)
  2. Cleanse AM/PM
  3. Moisturize AM/PM
  4. (Apply eye cream and antioxidant serum as an advanced protocol)
  5. Sunscreen AM
  6. Exfoliate a few times a week as needed


Then for 2 weeks, 2 nights a week use your dermal rolling serums to gently introduce your skin to things like vitamin c, vitamin A, and more and in this order:

  1. Copper peptide
  2. Soluble C
  3. Intense Corrective Vitamin Serum (contains a gentle form of vitamin A so avoid the eyes!)

Cleanse, dermal roll apply your serums and then go to bed (as dermal rolling is only done in the evening!).

If you would like to learn exactly which products could be more optimal for your specific skin needs be sure to book your One-on-one and join my next seasonal skin tutorial to access my dermal rolling tutorials at https://theschoolofradiance.com

Happy rolling!


Rachel Varga