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Alishia Macdonald's Custom Skin Collection

Here is an easy-to-access custom skincare collection just for you with everything including your basic and advanced products for face, hair and body. Save this link in your browser for easy and quick access! Register for my current skincare, makeup, lymphatic drainage, and dermal rolling Tutorials for a 7-week journey through basic to advanced protocols at https://theschoolofradiance.com

Start with your basic routine for at least 2 weeks to stabilize the skin, and then incorporate more advanced options like anti-oxidant AM serums, PM dermal rolling, PM dermal rolling serums, and PM retinol.


AM/PM Face Routine for 2 weeks:
  1. cleanser AM/PM Purifying Gel Cleanser (available in clinic)
  2. eye cream AM/PM Youth Eye Complex 
  3. anti-oxidant serum AM Active Serum
  4. neck cream PM neck perfect
  5. moisturizer AM/PM (select a lighter moisturizer like the hydralight (available in clinic) or supreme lotion
  6. mineral sunscreen AM (like the ultra zinc untinted spf for face and body with a dewy finish or the tinted primer for a matte finish, or the Alumier SPF (available in clinic)
  7. Exfoliation 2-5 times a week AM or PM with the complexion renewal pads or exfoliating polish (both available in clinic)
Body Routine:
  1. face, neck, and chest exfoliation 2-5 times a week AM or PM in the shower (microderm scrub or exfoliating polish scrub and the complexion renewal pads)
  2. body exfoliation 2-5 times a week AM or PM after the bath or shower (like the dermalac peel or the bright and clear solution for the body)


PM Dermal Rolling and Rolling Serums after 2 weeks:
  1. copper peptide PM 2-5 nights a week (use 1-2 nights a week for 2 weeks before rolling)
  2. soluble c PM 2-5 nights a week (use 1-2 nights a week for 2 weeks before rolling)
  3. dermal roll (MR3) PM 2-5 nights a week (MR5 once a week for deeper acne scarring)
Serums, Peels and Retinols after 2 weeks:
  1. AM anti-oxidant serum or lightening product every day after cleansing and then eye cream, then the serum, then moisturizer and SPF
  2. PM at-home peels (the AFA gel peel is a clean option and I have 2 other options for deeper peels discussed further in my Tutorials) PM overnight 1-2 nights a week
  3. PM stronger retinol (resurfacing serum 0.25 or rejudicare synergy mild) PM overnight 1-2 nights a week
For dermal rolling of the body:
  1. PM Apply Dermalac (body peel solution) to the body and areas you would like to roll
  2. PM Dermal Roll with your facial roller or body roller
  3. PM Apply ACE Body Oil and then go to sleep


Anti-Aging Dermal Formula

10g-12g of collagen a day

130g of protein a day


If you have any questions I warmly invite you to book a follow-up with me in the clinic at any time!


Many blessings, thank you, and happy skin healing!

Rachel Varga



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