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Evelyn Reyes's Custom Skin Collection

Here is an easy to access custom skin care list just for you that you can continue to refer back to!


If you have any questions I warmly invite you to email me at info@rachelvarga.ca


Feel free to browse the rest of my recommended products found in my main shop page by navigating at the top left of this browser!


Foundation stick in fawn.

Biohacking Favorites and focus on Air, Water, Lighting, EMF and Detoxes: https://rachelvarga.ca/favorites/


Here are a few clinics to meet with and see who you resonate with for pigmentation improvement, collagen stimulation and possible Xeomin and other injectables:

Hydrafacial: No downtime, $150-$300 per session. A great starter treatment before investing in a laser session.

Sciton BBL: 1-3 days of pigmentation looking darker and some redness and swelling. A good second treatment. $450-600 per session and 2-3 times a year.

Sciton Halo/Profractional: 3-6 days of redness and swelling. A good third treatment. $1,100-2,000 per session 1-2 times a year. Ask for them to go as close to your eyelids as possible.

Xeomin: A cleaner version of Botox. $300 for the crows feet, and about $1,100-1,300 for the full face about 1-3 times a year.

Fillers: On the fence, hold off if not feeling great about it.

https://sfiirm.com/ (BBL for pigmentation, Sciton Halo for collagen, Sciton ProFractional for collagen)

https://lorirobertsonnp.com/ (Injectables - Xeomin)

https://www.disappearingactlaser.com/ (Hydrafacial, BBL for pigmentation, Sciton Halo for collagen, Sciton ProFractional for collagen and Injectables - Xeomin)


Check out my dermal rolling video here: https://youtu.be/4gEz7RpTcQM


Come back to this specific collection link in your email to access your custom collection link!


Many blessings, thank you and happy shopping!


Rachel Varga


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