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Gabriel Varga's Athletic Performance Supplement Stack!

Which biohacks and products did Gabriel Varga use for the WIN in his recent competition for better recovery and peak performance?

Check out our couples episode on The Rachel Varga Podcast for specific biohacking insights and supplementation routines for faster recovery and healthy living in general!

Shop the supplements Gabriel Varga took to achieve peak performance in his recent competition with Karate Combat here!

Check out the other many Biohacks and Devices used in Gabriel Varga's Training Camp at https://rachelvarga.ca/favorites which included the BiOptimizers Mag Breakthrough, Viome Health Intelligence Test, True Dark Glasses, Lambs & No Choice EMF clothing, Sunlighten Sauna, True Light and Joovv Red Light, HypoAir Purifiers and the AquaTru and AirDoctor!



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